Dutch Gelpolish is a carefully developed gel polish from the Netherlands. After years of experience in the nail industry, it was time to use our expertise to bring our own product into the market.
After a long, worldwide search for a good gel polish with strong pigmentation and overall high quality, we ended up finding the answer in our own backyard.

How great is that? A homegrown gel polish with which we are able to guarantee you perfectly varnished nails.

By featuring Dutch Gelpolish in your salon, you offer your customers a high-level service, where they are assured of perfectly groomed nails each time. Which customer would not want that?

Who is Dutch Gelpolish for?
For everyone! Dutch Gelpolish is not just for nail stylists. Our polish is so easy to use that anyone can easily learn it. A nice addition to your hair or beauty salon, or essentially any other company where you want to treat your customers to something special.

Are you curious about the colors of our Dutch Gelpolish? Take a look at our Instagram page Dutchgelpolish.